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Cemetery monuments are exposed to the rigorous temperature changes of our Northeast seasons. Wet and dry environments, frost and thaw of spring and fall grounds can up-heave stones and foundations, especially with older set monuments. Environmental pollutants create breeding grounds for lichen, mold and moss, leading to black stains and biological growth on monuments that can obscure inscriptions and make beautifully carved monuments unsightly.

Many passing through a cemetery do not realize that memorials are the property and responsibility of the lot holders as they are the owners of the memorials. The Cemetery is unable to use perpetual care funds to clean, repair or re-set monuments.

If you notice an issue with a loved one’s monument, do not attempt to move or fix it on your own! An average monument weighs between 180-220 pounds per cubic foot. Attempting to adjust a monument on your own or without expertise can cause damage, collapse of the monument, and injury to you or others. Please contact us so that we can assist or advise you on how to safely accomplish cleaning, re-setting or restoring your monument.

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      I visit the cemetery everyday on my way home from here, and I want to thank you for facilitating a wonderful memory for me and my family.  I am very pleased with the photo.  Thank you so much for your assistance.

      Thank you for giving me such a peaceful place to remember my daughter and father. Terrific staff!

      Thank you for the help in obtaining a grave marker for our uncle John. Your efforts were exceptional and key in getting us through the paperwork hurdle of the VA. Our entire family wishes to express our appreciation.

      I wanted to thank you sincerely on behalf of my family and myself for helping us at a very difficult time. As hard as it could have been, that all seemed to disappear under your guidance, and my daughter and I couldn’t be more grateful. You showed us the perfect resting place, that was such a relief. Thank you for being there for us as Jim was carried to his rest, it all meant so much.

      Thank you so much for your help in fixing my grandparents’ stone.

      You truly have no idea how much this means to my mom and I. What a wonderful way to start this Spring Season.

      Enjoy the ever warming weather.

      Your services to me have been excellent, as my grandparents and great grandmother were cared for as well.  You have given me peace of mind that someday my family will be spared all the indecision and know that I have had my wishes honored, resting in a very beautiful, consecrated place with loved ones.

      My family and I went to view the grave site of my husband, Daniel, over the Christmas holidays. The monument that you designed with my daughter and myself was perfect. It was exactly what we wanted.

      Thank you for your expert guidance. Happy New Year!

      We checked out the headstone and foundation and it was just as planned. We are pleased with the process and with the outcome, it looks both classy and understated, as we had hoped. Thank you, Jeff!


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