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Catholic Monument Design Center in the Our Lady of Angels Cemetery

In the life of every person, there comes a time when we are faced with the death of someone we love. At that moment, we rely upon our faith in Jesus and His promise of resurrection to all who believe. At that same time, the community of believers around us reaches out to express comfort and consolation.

Since the time of Jesus, the burial of the Christian faithful has been a part of our Church experience. Catholic cemeteries exist because of our belief in the resurrection of the body, in some new shape or form, at the end of time. Catholic cemeteries serve the Church by spanning the kingdom now present and the kingdom yet to come.  On behalf of the entire Christian community, the Catholic cemetery holds the bodies, once temples of the Holy Spirit, until the Lord comes again in glory.  It serves as a symbol of the extended community of believers, a community unbroken by death.

Every person deserves to be remembered with a permanent headstone. The Catholic Monument Design Center can help whether you’re planning ahead for yourself  or honoring the life of a loved one.

Whether you’re acting in the moment or planning ahead, let us guide you. The Catholic Monument Design Center is here to help guide you in designing your custom memorial.

Jeff Touchette, our Memorial Design Specialist, can walk with you through our grounds to view other monuments for inspiration. Then he will help you design a memorial that is best for you and your family. He can also meet virtually through Video Sharing technology.

Our memorials are available in a variety of designs, sizes, and prices crafted by the finest of manufacturers.

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Our Team

jeff touchette

Jeff Touchette, Monument Design Specialist

Jeff has honored the legacy of many Catholic families with helping them create timeless custom designed memorials.

Jeff began his career with Albany Diocesan Cemeteries in 2014, working with families at the St. Agnes and Most Holy Redeemer offices before the Catholic Monument Design Center was founded in 2018.

As a graduate of International Cemetery, Cremation & Funeral Association (ICCFA) University and the Rensselaer Co. Chamber of Commerce Leadership institute, Jeff’s expertise and dedication lead to a 2018 Pinnacle Award of Excellence from Rock of Ages.

In his spare time Jeff enjoys coaching a Special Olympics track and softball team The Thunderbolts, as well as golfing and making pizza. Jeff is also primary caregiver to Lulu The Cemetery Cat.

One of Jeff’s favorite quotes that he carries with him in his professional and personal life is “Don’t let yesterday take up too much of today.”- Will Rogers

“I think we have a very important job here at the Catholic Monument Design Center. We only have one chance to be perfect and we strive to achieve that with every family.”

lulu cemetery cat

Lulu The Cemetery Cat

Meet Lulu The Cemetery Cat! Lulu lives at the Catholic Monument Design Center located within Our Lady of Angels Cemetery in Colonie.

Before the pandemic began, Lulu came for a visit while her parents were on a trip to their seasonal home in Portugal. The pandemic quickly closed travel down, keeping Lulu’s parents in Portugal for the foreseeable future.

Lulu has settled in quite well to her new home & we would find it quite hard to give her back now. She loves greeting friendly visitors, sleeping in the sunny front window, and chasing chipmunks in the cemetery.

If you stop in, don’t forget to say hello to Lulu The Cemetery Cat!

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    I visit the cemetery everyday on my way home from here, and I want to thank you for facilitating a wonderful memory for me and my family.  I am very pleased with the photo.  Thank you so much for your assistance.

    Thank you for giving me such a peaceful place to remember my daughter and father. Terrific staff!

    Thank you for the help in obtaining a grave marker for our uncle John. Your efforts were exceptional and key in getting us through the paperwork hurdle of the VA. Our entire family wishes to express our appreciation.

    I wanted to thank you sincerely on behalf of my family and myself for helping us at a very difficult time. As hard as it could have been, that all seemed to disappear under your guidance, and my daughter and I couldn’t be more grateful. You showed us the perfect resting place, that was such a relief. Thank you for being there for us as Jim was carried to his rest, it all meant so much.

    Thank you so much for your help in fixing my grandparents’ stone.

    You truly have no idea how much this means to my mom and I. What a wonderful way to start this Spring Season.

    Enjoy the ever warming weather.

    Your services to me have been excellent, as my grandparents and great grandmother were cared for as well.  You have given me peace of mind that someday my family will be spared all the indecision and know that I have had my wishes honored, resting in a very beautiful, consecrated place with loved ones.

    My family and I went to view the grave site of my husband, Daniel, over the Christmas holidays. The monument that you designed with my daughter and myself was perfect. It was exactly what we wanted.

    Thank you for your expert guidance. Happy New Year!

    We checked out the headstone and foundation and it was just as planned. We are pleased with the process and with the outcome, it looks both classy and understated, as we had hoped. Thank you, Jeff!


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