Tips for Designing Cemetery Monuments, Headstones, & Grave Markers in Delmar, NY

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Catholic Monument Design Center is here to help you design a personalized memorial to keep the remembrance alive. Our Memorial Design Specialists can walk with you through our grounds to view other monuments for inspiration. Then we will help you design a memorial that is best for you and your family. We can also meet virtually through Video Sharing technology. Call us at 518-350-7678 or visit us at 1389 Central Ave Colonie, NY 12205

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What design features should be included on cemetery monuments, headstones, & grave markers in Delmar, NY. As you are facing the many decisions that come when a loved one passes away, it’s essential that you consider the unique ways you can honor the person’s memory. Families face deep emotions of loss and grief during this time and often find it healing and comforting to showcase the individual’s life through a customized memorial.

Our team at Catholic Monument Design Center has a long history of serving Catholic families in the community. We understand the unique challenges you are facing in maintaining tradition while also preserving the memories you share with the loved one. When you contact our team, you receive a personalized approach and our undivided attention in creating the perfect design for your loved one.

A grave marker or headstone is the perfect way to create a lasting legacy for future generations. You can choose something simple, or design an elaborate monument if desired. We believe that each family deserves the highest levels of respect and care to honor their unique desires. Continue reading to learn more about the best approach for headstone design.


Preplanning: Early Preparation for Headstone Design

While there are many instances when family members must finalize a memorial after a loved one is gone, you don’t need to leave these important decisions to the last minute. Preplanning gives you the benefit of time, focus, financing options and the assurance that your wishes are honored. It also eases the financial, emotional and often unexpected burden on loved ones.

Learn about available designs, products and custom options. Then, finalize the design without feeling the pressure of time or the emotion of loss.

At Catholic Monument Design Center, we specialize in preplanning solutions, helping to reduce your burden in the future. Just because you choose a product and design right now doesn’t mean that it is set in stone. We can hold the information on file while you consider your options, then move forward with the final design when it is time to create the headstone. For some people who are proactive with preplanning, this process takes place years before the funeral happens and a headstone is needed.

It might seem premature to talk to us about preplanning. But this process is a great way to reduce the burden your family will experience when you are gone. At the same time, you can share your desires to ensure that the monument is a perfect fit for your preferences.


Cemetery Monuments, Headstones, & Grave Markers in Delmar, NY

Our experienced team provides full-service solutions for everything you need relating to the design and installation of the grave marker. Not only do we offer recommendations for designs and products, but we provide the highest levels of respect for your religious traditions. We’ve worked with many Catholic families in the area, and offer the quality services you need to ensure the gravesite is a sacred, beautiful space. Here are some of the most common services our customers choose:

  • Catholic Headstones
  • Catholic Markers
  • Catholic Monuments
  • Granite Monuments
  • Cemetery Headstones
  • Cemetery Markers
  • Grave Headstones
  • Granite Headstones
  • Bronze Markers
  • Cemetery Monuments
  • Graveside Markers

Do you want a small and simple design? Or, are you looking to leave a lasting legacy that stands out in the cemetery? Talk to us about the various products, materials, shapes, and inscriptions. By offering custom design, we ensure that each person receives a one-of-a-kind memorial.


Leaving a Legacy Behind

Why does the design of the headstone matter for the deceased? Remember that this location is a place that family and friends will visit for remembrance and comfort for years. Future generations will be able to see, and learn a bit about you and your family heritage. Each time you go to the cemetery, it’s comforting to see a personalized design that honors their legacy.

At the same time, headstones are recorded in family history and death databases. When someone in the future searches for information about the deceased, they will find images of the grave marker. What will this design communicate about the person and their family?

Often, it’s important for families to focus on religious traditions through the burial process. We’re proud to support Catholic families throughout the community, offering truly customized services that honor your religious preferences. Through this process, you can create a grave that is a sacred, holy space.

As you learn about cemetery monuments, headstones, & grave markers in Delmar, NY, you’ll see that the possibilities are limitless. You have the flexibility to choose from many products and design styles, creating a legacy that matches the love you share in your loss.


Personalized Consultation for Each Family

If you’d like to learn more about these services and products, then it’s time to schedule a personalized consultation to discuss your options. Reach out to our team so we can provide information about cemetery monuments, headstones, & grave markers in Delmar, NY. Catholic Monument Design Center is located at 1389 Central Ave Colonie, NY 12205. Call us at (518) 350-7678.



Frequently Asked Questions


Who should be responsible for the maintenance of a monument?

Monuments and markers remain the private property of the family, and the responsibility for the care and maintenance of these memorials remain with the parties having possession, care and control of the lot. Read more about monument maintenance here.

What are Bronze Markers?

Bronze memorial markers are installed on a granite base and set flush with the surface of the ground. Bronze is an alloy consisting primarily of copper, with about 12% tin. Learn more about it here.

Do you offer monument restoration?

Yes, we can assist or advise you on how to safely accomplish cleaning, re-setting or restoring your monument. Send us your details here.

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    I visit the cemetery everyday on my way home from here, and I want to thank you for facilitating a wonderful memory for me and my family.  I am very pleased with the photo.  Thank you so much for your assistance.

    Thank you for giving me such a peaceful place to remember my daughter and father. Terrific staff!

    Thank you for the help in obtaining a grave marker for our uncle John. Your efforts were exceptional and key in getting us through the paperwork hurdle of the VA. Our entire family wishes to express our appreciation.

    I wanted to thank you sincerely on behalf of my family and myself for helping us at a very difficult time. As hard as it could have been, that all seemed to disappear under your guidance, and my daughter and I couldn’t be more grateful. You showed us the perfect resting place, that was such a relief. Thank you for being there for us as Jim was carried to his rest, it all meant so much.

    Thank you so much for your help in fixing my grandparents’ stone.

    You truly have no idea how much this means to my mom and I. What a wonderful way to start this Spring Season.

    Enjoy the ever warming weather.

    Your services to me have been excellent, as my grandparents and great grandmother were cared for as well.  You have given me peace of mind that someday my family will be spared all the indecision and know that I have had my wishes honored, resting in a very beautiful, consecrated place with loved ones.

    My family and I went to view the grave site of my husband, Daniel, over the Christmas holidays. The monument that you designed with my daughter and myself was perfect. It was exactly what we wanted.

    Thank you for your expert guidance. Happy New Year!

    We checked out the headstone and foundation and it was just as planned. We are pleased with the process and with the outcome, it looks both classy and understated, as we had hoped. Thank you, Jeff!


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