Who is responsible for the maintenance of a monument?

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Monuments and markers remain the private property of the family, and the responsibility for the care and maintenance of these memorials remain with the parties having possession, care and control of the lot. While a good quality granite monument will survive for centuries, marble, southern granite, and other materials may deteriorate due to our climate and air pollution.

Lichen and other biological growth and environmental staining on monuments can be effectively and safely treated to restore the stone’s beauty. Cleaning a monument takes patience and the right tools and proper cleaning agent. Household cleaning products are ineffective and can actually damage the stone. The rule is – do no harm!

Most modern gravestones are carved from granite which is a very hard and durable stone. Polished granite needs little more than water and a soft cloth to wipe away pollutants and other organic debris.

A steeled finished granite simply means the stone finish is not polished. Steeled finishes tend to collect pollutants on the surface and turn black over the years. Black stains may be cleaned with a product called D2 Biological Solution but to really remove the stain, you will need to use a mild acid-based cleaner. Cleaning must only be done with nylon bristled brushes and detailing must be done with wooden picks. Never use metal or anything abrasive on the stone.

Cleaning a gravestone helps to preserve it and keep it a legible, proper memorial. But remember to DO NO HARM!

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      I wanted to thank you sincerely on behalf of my family and myself for helping us at a very difficult time. As hard as it could have been, that all seemed to disappear under your guidance, and my daughter and I couldn’t be more grateful. You showed us the perfect resting place, that was such a relief. Thank you for being there for us as Jim was carried to his rest, it all meant so much.

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      You truly have no idea how much this means to my mom and I. What a wonderful way to start this Spring Season.

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      Your services to me have been excellent, as my grandparents and great grandmother were cared for as well.  You have given me peace of mind that someday my family will be spared all the indecision and know that I have had my wishes honored, resting in a very beautiful, consecrated place with loved ones.

      My family and I went to view the grave site of my husband, Daniel, over the Christmas holidays. The monument that you designed with my daughter and myself was perfect. It was exactly what we wanted.

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